On Tuesday afternoon a big group of blue peace sheep filled the lawn under one of the big trees in the public park in Aarhus "Mølleparken". They traveled from Germany together with Bertamaria Reetz, who is the artist behind the colored animals, who visited Aarhus to hand over one of the sheep as a gift to the Volunteering Capital 2018.

"Blue is the color of peace and cohesion. It unites many important world organizations like the European Peace Movement, UN, UNESCO, EU and UNICEF", – explains Bertamaria Reetz. The four-legged gift was given to Aarhus by the European Movement International. Its local chairman Kurt Nielsen commented: "Like the EU and the movement of struggle for freedom, volunteering is an important common cause that brings many people together across differences."

The European Movement appointed Aarhus as the European Volunteer Capital in 2018. In this regard, the city also received two blue peace sheep, which found their place in the offices of the Municipality Department of Children and Youth and The Department of Culture. In the public park "Mølleparken" Bertamaria Reetz and Kurt Nielsen were accompanied by Torben Dreier, the Vice-President of the Voluntary Capital, who received Bertamaria Reetz’s peace sheep. "We are pleased that the Volunteer Capital received this symbolic present. I will bring it to the next committee meeting, and I hope that it will fit into the City Hall”, said Torben Dreier.


  • Peace sheep are produced by volunteers at a workshop in Cologne, Western Germany.
  • They've been exhibited in various cities including Venice, Berlin and institutions like the European Parliament, the monastery of Huysburg, art galleries and churches.
  • Their distinctive blue color is known as the "International Klein Blue", developed by French artist Yves Klein (1928-1962).