The dedication of a conspicuous number of volunteers has over the years been the main engine for the development of the magazine, which involves now people coming from all corners of the world. Jutland Station is not only news, but also a platform to connect people. As the magazine’s Editor in Chief Madalina Paxaman says: "Jutland Station is a way to build bridges between the Danes and the international communities living in Aarhus through storytelling, photography, audio and videos. It aims to give a voice to the various communities residing in the city, and for this reason the publication is open to community members who want to share their experiences of living in this vibrant city".

The multi-cultural team of Jutland Station, driven by a strong passion for journalism, encourages anybody willing to tell a story to join them, while having the opportunity to learn from others and to put the whole city in an international perspective, as well as to build up a space for creativity. "I believe that the "added value" resides in the fact that it keeps the intercultural conversation going, the fact that it offers a platform for exchanging information and ideas, a safe space for contributors to tell their stories" says Madalina . "We offer our editors the possibility to gain experience by acting as professional journalists, boosting their CV and having the chance to expand their network". 

Jutland Station is one of the organizations that joined the opening event of the 2018 Volunteering Capital Year. At their stand at Ridehuset, everybody had the chance to get to know the magazine, its purposes and values. "This event is a great opportunity for us not only to promote Jutland Station but also to find out other interesting volunteering initiatives, possible subjects for our articles and not the least learn from other experiences" concludes Madalina. Want to be the future contributor of Jutland Station? Visit their Facebook page here and join the future Volunteering Capital events!