June 14.-17. 2018

Photo: Joshua Tree Photography

The idea: Folkemødet is a meeting of people, organisations and politicians to debate current political issues. All events are free to attend and within walking distance of each other.

Danish democracy is characterized by a long tradition where dialogue has been a supporting principle and the people’s meeting is one of the tools that is used to enhance it.

Danish democracy is not only known by the parties of the Parliament, but also by the countless associations, organizations and grassroots movements that help to set the agenda for what happens in the country. This tradition of representative and interactive democracy is a high priority for Folkemødet, and therefore everyone who lives up to the principles of humanity has the opportunity to create their own shared platform in a meeting room, tent or under the sky.

Folkemødet is public and open to everyone, the extensive program covers a variety of subjects. Most of the events are in Danish but a few is in English as well.

This year, the Aarhus 2018 European Volunteering Capital team will also participate in the event and will have the chance to share lessons learnt during the volunteering year and discuss future plans for volunteering movement in the city.

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