"It's very important for me and I guess you feel the same. Many of you know that I've previously considered closing the store. We've discussed this idea many times in my family. Yes, I did have some long work days. Still, you must also know that it has always taken a turn for the better as soon as I entered the store. All because of you. It's you who create a very special and good atmosphere here."

These words fell from a very happy and touched Niels Schjeldahl on Friday June 30, on the last work day in his grocery store right in the heart of Hjortshøj. A large part of the locals gathered around Niels Schjeldahl outside the former storehouse.

Travel gift card for 25.000 kroner
Here they presented him a gift, as for 14 years as a grocery store owner, he used to take only a one-week campsite holiday a year with the family, and usually had to break it because the shop needed his presence. More than 250 households in Hjortshøj participated in collecting money for a travel card of 25.000 DKK with a wide selection of travel directories so that Niels Schjeldahl and his family could now choose a well-deserved holiday and travel wherever they want.

"That's what we do in our city when there's someone who does something significant for the area. Both Niels and the grocery store have been a focal point. We would like to thank him for that", explained the initiator of the collection, Rikke Lai Andersen.

Voluntary Hjortshøj
Hjortshøj is a local community characterized by the strong voluntary initiative to do something for either individuals or the city in general. For example, at Hjortshøj Local Center, many volunteers meet to communicate with the older residents. The city’s annual Pop-Up Festival is run by volunteers. And lastly, with almost 4,000 inhabitants, the village has managed to collect enough capital for the construction of a multi-purpose house with space for sports and cultural activities.

Back in the grocery store in Hjortshøj, Niels Schjeldahl doesn't yet know the answer to what his work life will be like in the future. For the next couple of weeks, it's all about spending a summer vacation with my family. Afterward, I'm actually planning to start looking for a new job. And then we'll see what happens. The grocery store has been a Schjeldahl family ownership for three generations and this lasted for 97 years.