Volunteering communities, organisations and networks can contribute to Aarhus Volunteer Festival with activities, debates, workshops and happenings.

Activities are initiated by partners, and are scheduled in the official programme. The activities encourage active participation of audiences and passing-by citizens.  Examples may include local organisations inviting people to join their everyday practice such as free lessons in skateboarding or exhibiting artwork.

Debates are defined by the exchange of opinions. Specially invited panels will debate their points of view about volunteering and citizenship. The goal is to challenge and expand the understanding of certain topics or issues. The debates will include politicians, Advisory Board members, organisations and other representatives of civil society. In some debates, there will be opportunities for the audience to participate directly with questions. 

Workshops revolve around groups of people meeting to actively work on a specific task or issue. During the festival, participants will discuss and develop solutions around specific challenges or potentials. An example could be local organisations teaming up to develop solutions on how to recruit new volunteers. Workshops can include inspiring talks or constructive debates.

Happenings are brief performances or events that take place anywhere during Aarhus Volunteer Festival. The happenings are scheduled, but will not appear in the official programme, since a happening should be unexpected by the audience. The happenings will appear as a creative disruption from the context aiming to generate new ideas or unexpected notions. A happening could be a choir suddenly appearing and singing outside, and then moving to a new location.

Registration deadline:
1st August 2018.

Project Manager Jacob Erdmann
Phone +45 60 19 43 25
E-mail: jaker@aarhus.dk

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