Europæisk Frivillighovedstad

The Volunteering Capital of 2018

In 2018 Aarhus is the European Volunteering Capital. London, Lisbon and Barcelona have previously had this title and in 2017 is Sligo, in Ireland, the Capital of Volunteering.

The title is given each year to a European municipality which has been particularly notable in terms of volunteering. In Aarhus’s case, the jury emphasizes that Aarhus City Council has adopted a citizenship policy that you measure and follow up in the city.

It also highlights the integration that takes place between the municipality, the culture and the social welfare areas, where volunteers help to set the agenda on how municipalities and civil society can cooperate.



Organizations and movements is a significant part of the foundation that has formed Denmark and the Danish voluntary culture – and thereby Aarhus Volunteer Capital 2018.


Regardless of age, ethnicity, background, employment, social conditions etc. everyone must be represented in Aarhus Volunteer Capital 2018.

Social Inclusion

Among volunteers is there a lack of representation from the so-called socially disadvantaged citizens. But despite of the challenges that this group is facing they have many resources to offer - and we wish to include these resources in Aarhus Volunteer Capital 2018.


We strive to increase and improve the cooperation between citizens and the municipality to make it easier to volunteer and create content to Aarhus Volunteer Capital 2018.